Yesterday, I wrote a little bit about the spark I needed to begin defining my dreams and working on the details of those very important definitions.

Today, I just want to share some of the words I’ve been absorbing that laid the foundation for me to receive that very specific inspiration to act.

One thing I love about owning a Kindle is that I can borrow digital books from my local library. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the digital copies of things I actually seek out, but this is not a bad thing at all. Because sometimes, when I go browsing through my library’s digital catalog, I come across books I may have never encountered otherwise. Books like these two:

How Will You Measure Your Life

The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers

The two books discuss how to figure out what really matters in life, how what we think we might want and what actually fulfills us may be two completely different things. The one about happy mothers especially spoke to me about the importance of presence, peace, silence, friendship and spiritual life, among other things, that can help me be better. Better not only in my role as wife and mother, but a better and happier human being.

The one about measuring life reminded me to put my time in places I won’t regret leaving it looking back. I’m still working on balance. Making sure that my kids and my husband and other people get the best of my time while I also make time to do the other things that need to be done like dishes, bills and my own stuff. It’s a work in progress, but progress is happening.

The next book I heard about while listening to the Dave Ramsey show podcast. Now, I think I’ve gotten what I can out of Dave, but something told me that this was a book I should not only buy in hardcover to have sitting around my house, but also pre-order (which got me a bonus Kindle copy), it was that important. I have to say, I don’t regret the purchase at all.


This book is a good read because it includes a lot of the platitudes and lessons I had read in the previous books AND gives tangible action steps to get you going. I read the book through, and I was still hesitating, standing still, not STARTing at all. A few weeks go by, and then I go to that concert. That concert helped me start. Start defining my awesome. Start making it happen.

I don’t have an ending in mind, but I don’t have to. And even if I did, the road is long and winding. I have landmarks. I’ve entered my current location on the map and have a few sights I know I’ve got to see along the way. And that’s something. It doesn’t sound like much right now, but it’s more than I had before.


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