Six Months

Dear Andrew,

A few days ago, you turned six months old. It happened to be the day of a big party we had for your daddy and big brother, so I didn’t really get a chance to sit down and write to you until today.

But boy do I have some stuff to say.

You crawl now. And fast. Hands and knees, baby! I turn around, and you’ve managed to get yourself all the way underneath the kitchen table to taste the cords lying on the floor there. You cruise right down the hallway to my bedroom, yelling the whole time because I didn’t come to you first. You can sit up without any help, and you can get into crawling position and back to sitting like it’s no big thing. You are already irritating your big brother with how easy it is for you to get into his things and subsequently get those things into your slobbery mouth. You’ve been on the move for awhile, now, I know. But this month, you’ve totally gotten serious about it.

You like to stand up. So much so that you have already gotten impatient with waiting for parental hands to help lift and stabilize you on your feet and have already used whatever you can find to try to get up, up, up. You will often be down on all fours, hands and knees, but decide it’s time to try again and get your feet underneath you instead. You still don’t quite have the strength, though, to push all the way up off your hands. It’s fun to watch you test your body’s limits, but my one question for you is, what’s the hurry?

You tried food for the first time this month. Sweet potatoes and bananas so far. You’re really excited about that stuff on the spoon, and you really seem to want to eat just like us, but we’re not so sure you’re body is quite ready. After a few nights of sweet potatoes, you were super hyper, you wouldn’t sleep when you usually do. So we started offering the food just in the afternoon, which seemed to help, though also seemed to tie you up, intestine-wise. So we took a little break from food to try again in a few weeks, when maybe your body will be better able to take on the new stuff.

It’s impossible to deny, you want to do what everyone else is doing, especially your big brother. I love how you watch him with such intense focus. I can see your thoughts in those moments of “when can I do that?” You’re mentally trying to figure out how to make your own body do those things, too. The best part is how happy it makes you even just to be on his radar. When he makes funny noises for you, plays with you, even going so far as a bit of light wrestling, you are just so obviously in heaven. It pretty much makes my heart explode.

When we’re in the car on our way to or from any of our various activities of play dates, you two in the back seat, if you’re actually awake, Michael usually finds a way to crack you up. He makes faces, says silly words, and you just laugh and laugh. I love your laugh. Your smile is easy and huge and adorable. And your laugh is full of unbridled joy. We have a long car trip coming up, so I hope that at least some part of that drive is full of M’s silliness and your adorable giggles.

Another reason I got a little behind this month writing to you is because we’ve been preparing ourselves and our home for a major relocation. It hurts my heart to have to leave the place where I first brought both my babies home, but I know that at least for you, as long as you have your momma near, the move will probably not even phase you. You’re still happiest when I’m nearby, and you and Daddy have had some time together to play and connect, and I’d love to see that happen more. I love having you in our family, and I know that all of us feel the same way. And one of the reasons we are moving next month is because of our family. So both you and your brother know all the love that surrounds you up close and personal.

So keep laughing and squealing and talking yourself to sleep. Let me eat your belly, your fingers, your toes, and I’m sure my heart will heal from having to leave this place of ours. Because we’ve got so many good memories to make where we’re going. We’ve got this great opportunity for a fresh start full of love and laughter and new adventures. I’m so glad we have you with us. We are truly blessed, and I hope you feel that way, too.



One thought on “Six Months

  1. June Needles says:

    Sara – I am just such a fan of your writing – I hope someday when those two adorable boys are older, you will write a book or a column or something! Did you take Journalism is college? yopu must have gotten all “A’s”. Good luck on your move – I know two people that can’t wait!! Love.
    (I’m your Grandma Ehmke’ sister)

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