Three Months

Dear Andrew,

How has three months managed to pass so quickly? The day after I posted your two-month update, you came out with a full on baby laugh. Michael didn’t give me one of those until he was about twice your age. I was thrilled and surprised. It made me light up all day long.

You are just the happiest little thing I’ve ever seen. Sure, you have your moments when things just aren’t quite right, but most of the time, when you’re awake, you smile and chatter and coo. You love to watch your brother bounce off the walls. This month, you seem to be more aware that he is one of the bigger people in the house who’s here to take care of you and make you smile. Sometimes, you give him bigger smiles than I’ve gotten after spending countless minutes making crazy faces and idiotic sounds at you for little more than a smirk.

You have discovered your hands for real this month. Your daddy and I have watched you examine your little fists with furrowed brow, like, wow, I didn’t know they could do thatI You’ll clasp your hands together over your chest and just feel them there, one hand pulling on the fingers of the other, then changing it up, like there’s nothing more important at that moment than trying to figure out how those little appendages operate.

Your hands are such a comfort to you that sometimes, another surprise to this mommy, they’re just what you need in order to drift off to dreamland. I think part of the reason that these parents were a little nervous about doing the whole baby thing again was because the baby we’d been through couldn’t really sleep without nursing, rocking, bouncing or some other parental intervention for quite a lot of months. Perhaps even years, it’s all a blur, really.

But you, you constantly amaze me. You’re happy lying on the floor or in the bouncer. You’ll suck on your thumb, fingers, fist or a blanket and be perfectly content to let your big eyes just absorb the happenings around you until they just get too heavy to take in any more. You’re equally happy in my arms or snug in a wrap. Usually, though, if I have you wrapped up on me, movement is absolutely necessary. That’s pretty much non negotiable.

You love baths so much that you scream every time one comes to an end. But after I towel you off and lie you down, you look up at me and smile as I moisturize your skin. I sing silly little songs and rub the oil into your arms and legs and belly. Sometimes you laugh and kick your legs and flap your hands around. I can’t help picking you up to cuddle and inhale your sweet clean baby smell.

You enjoyed the fireworks for the Fourth. The noise didn’t phase you one bit, and your eyes followed every light. You’re getting very strong. You like to stand up and your head barely wobbles anymore. You often dig your heels in during diaper changes to lift your bottom up and scoot yourself out of range of the diaper. We may have to invest in easier diapers because of this. You just seem to want to move. You see your brother and your arms and legs start going and going. You can’t wait to run and jump and play like that. On the other hand, your daddy and I totally can.

You’re getting big like crazy. No more newborn clothes for your long frame. You’re even getting close to outgrowing the 3-month sizes already. I hate to even admit that I’ve occasionally looked at the tag of an outfit about the right size and it’s had a 9 in it. What?! I tell myself that those clothes run small, and I’d better just put you in it now so that you have some time to enjoy it because M barely wore it before he outgrew it, too, and he was growing at a snail’s pace compared to you. And maybe some of those outfits do run on the small side. Part of it is you, though, changing constantly, getting heavier and longer as I hold you and cuddle you, as you stretch and sleep.

You are becoming quite conversational. Your focus is amazing and your definitely expanding your repertoire of vowel sounds. There have even been a few gurgles and “g” sounds thrown into the mix, lately, too. Your eyes and face are so expressive. Sometimes, I can hear those sounds coming to a crescendo of anxiety, if I’m doing something out of your sight, so I’ll come closer to you to give a little more attention to you, and immediately, I see your face relax. The look in your eyes when I come into view is the reason I’m here. Your smile and laugh are addictive, I can’t help dropping everything sometimes just to see if I can make you giggle, even if those chuckles give you a major case of hiccups (which they do almost every time). I feel like the luckiest person on earth when I’m on the receiving end of those smiles, that dimple, that most pure look of love in your eyes.

I love you so much,


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