More M-isms

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some of the hilarious things that my four-year-old has said. And some of these might have even been from before he was four. But I know that these always make me laugh, and I just found a whole list of things I had written down from way back, so enjoy.

  • Half asleep: “Where’s my ear?”
  • Me: “I love you.” M: “I love myself, too!”
  • Me: “You can’t have that medicine.” M: “But I have an ache!”
  • “I’m an old guy. I need some sleep.”
  • “Roger b’dodger!” Before shooting you in the kneecaps with a Nerf dart, “Irish Style.”
  • “Is my brain thinking about stuff?” (me: yeah, probably) “Stop thinking about stuff, brain!”
  • Singing: “I always love you, Mommy. And I love myself. Whenever I can. Because it’s great!”
  • “Sweet dreams, woman.”
  • “Wow my penis is getting big. That means I should hold it I think.”
  • “I think you got a little brain in your eye. It’s right there in that part next to your nose.”
  • Choosing a lollipop at the bank: “I’ll have a watermelon one, and Mommy can have the hash-brown one.”
  • To Daddy: “Hey, you look like a wookiee!”
  • “A salad–with dress-up!”
  • “It’s time for me to sleep now, or I’ll lose my Jedi powers.”
  • “Oh dear me. I have the coughs.”
  • “Should I cuddle you or jump on you?”
  • “I don’t want a Happy Meal. I want a mad meal instead.”
  • “Did you buy a liquor? Are you going to share that liquor with me?”
  • “Remember a bird that says ‘gobble gobble?’ That’s meat.”
  • “My penis is big as a uniform… or a platform.”
  • “I’m not a big fan… I’m a little fan.”
  • “Now it’s in your head.”
  • “You can’t not give a man strawberries.”
  • To a grandmother-aged woman at the grocery store: “Excuse me, little lady”
  • About baby brother: “I think his name is baby angel. Because he’s an angel. And you’re mommy angel.”
  • “I think he wants to be invited to our snack”
  • “I’m a brave man.” (after a blackout)
  • Doubled over, grabbing his middle: “Oh my God.” Daddy: “What’s wrong, bud?” M: “Oh my God… nipple ache!”

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