37 Weeks

The nesting has definitely kicked in and is kicking my butt. The baby clothes are washed and organized. Towels, diapers, blankets and everything is good to go. I’m itching to install the car seat, but my current girth and awkwardness may require some assistance on that front. I’ve culled a number of M’s toys from his toy box (right under his nose, I’m that good), trying to get the house looking neat. I managed to convert a few onesies to t-shirts for the little one, assuming shirts will be cooler for the summer months and show off the adorable cloth diapers s/he’ll be wearing. Sewing tiny stretchy hems is not easy, so the shirts aren’t pretty, but I’m pretty sure they’ll hold. And again, who’s going to be looking at a shirt hem on an adorable little infant with their adorable little cloth-covered butt showing.

I’ve scrubbed things and dusted and vacuumed. I’ve done extra dishes (we have wine glasses hanging in the kitchen that tend to get a little dusty/greasy after a time). I’ve gathered paperwork. I finished crocheting the baby blanket. I’ve spent some money on a few essentials, most significantly a $200 breast pump because no way am I using a manual pump again (even if I may not need to pump daily or super often). I still need to pick up my new diaper bag, but other than that, I think we’re about ready.

And 37 weeks is the milestone I’ve been awaiting. 37 weeks is considered full-term and safe to go to the birth center when I go into labor. I’ve been a little nervous that I may not get here because I’ve been feeling so many more of the “practice” contractions than I ever did with M. I hoped the wouldn’t turn into the real thing so I wouldn’t have to change birth plans and practitioners at this point. So now I can breathe and relax. And probably wait another five weeks before Baby X actually decides to make his/her appearance. Because I’m ready, now, you know that’s how it’s going to be.


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