34 Weeks

In Virginia, it hasn’t really been winter at all this year. So I wonder why I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around spring. Maybe because some of the weather we’re already getting is more like summer. Maybe it has something to do with how unprepared I feel for this pregnancy to end.

It’s getting closer. A month and a half. Six weeks. It sounds like such a short amount of time. It will be the end of a pregnancy but the beginning of a whole new life. And I remember how it was at this time with M, too. You have this end in sight, knowing that something new is definitely about to begin, but having absolutely no idea how the picture is really going to look.

I can plan and prepare for the birth. I’m working on my email to my support team as I write this. I have begun to pack my bag to take to the birth center. I have been continuing to eat well, move, breathe, relax. We have started tackling some of the other big worries of life, and we’re hoping to have some answers in place over the next few weeks so that these fears, completely unrelated to Baby X, don’t have a negative impact on these last weeks of pregnancy, the birth or postpartum period.

M has been trying very hard to stay in his own bad through the night, and so far, he’s been able to make it until 5:00am. Which is not bad. And at that point, really, I’m totally not going to take him back to his room because the early morning cuddles are just too sweet and precious to me still. But when he comes in any earlier than that, he’s pretty easy to walk back to bed on my way to the bathroom, and as long as he gets a few hugs and a little comfort, he’s back to sleep in no time. I’m sad to have to send him a room away, but it is so much easier to get back into bed after my many middle of the night bathroom visits without having to crawl over or shove aside that sleeping body.

This week’s plans include some more organizing and hauling out the infant clothes. Hopefully, there will be plenty for the warmer weather. I know it was super smart of us to have our second child in the exact opposite season that the first was born. At least for summer, it won’t be the end of the world if all we have around are adorable little diapers. Because if winter and spring are any indication… it’s going to be a hot one again here.


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