25 Weeks

Here we are. 25 weeks. Baby’s about the size of a rutabaga. Whatever that means. I dug out some yarn from under the bed because I crocheted a baby blanket for M before he was born, so I figured I’d get started on the one for Baby X. All I really had available was some purple and a pastel multicolored ball. So I began. And James came home and asked about it. I said, “I’m afraid it’s a little girly.” He said, “That’s okay, I have a feeling we’re having a girl.”

I honestly will be pretty surprised if Baby X turns out to be a boy. I think we all will. It would be great, because I love having a boy and totally wouldn’t mind having a girl, but I think that a girl is in the cards for our family this time. Especially after losing Baby X’s grandmother so recently. I’m thinking about her tonight. And I realize I’m still processing that whole thing, too.


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