22 and 23 Weeks

At 22 weeks pregnant, I turned 33. We had a lovely day making chocolate chip cookies and trying a new restaurant for dinner. I think about Baby X often, and I feel like I’m finally looking pregnant rockin’ the maternity tops.

Then Christmas came and then we hit week 23. Baby X is getting more active in there and this week really got to know my bladder better. Everyone is excited watching my belly grow, and I’m starting to realize just how close we’re getting to becoming a family of four.

It’s overwhelming because of all that’s left to do. We still have a four-year-old who enjoys sneaking into our bed (on my side) sometime between 3:00 and 4:00am. I love waking up with him snuggled against me, and even though I know we should be working toward him staying in his own bed all night, or at least maybe coming over to Daddy’s side, I just can’t bring myself to let that happen just yet.

We have a birth plan to go over. Things to clean and organize. A car seat to purchase (for M) and install (for M and X both). Names to choose. Clothes and diapers to unpack. A bouncer to retrieve from Wisconsin. A blanket to make (because I made one for M, it’s only fair). I’m sure the list goes on. It’s a lot. but it’s exciting and I can’t wait to tackle it all.


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