Budget Cuts

Hi, and welcome back to my new, old blog. Here’s what’s happening. I’ve been getting these emails from my web hosting service for a few weeks now about how my hosting account was set to expire. I must have gotten a deal back when I set up the hosted blog, because the price they were asking me to pay was just a bit out of my price range. And I don’t remember paying that much before. But inflation, right? What can you do?

Anyway, I began to consider whether the hosting was worth it for my little corner of the blogosphere or not. And I came to the conclusion… not. We have a lot on our plates right now, financially, so I’m back to a free WordPress blog. I know my mom doesn’t use a feed reader, but if you do, you might need to update your RSS things to keep up.

I have a couple of posts that I owe, but I wanted to make sure that all my material was backed up and reloaded here before I messed with adding anything more. We’re two weeks behind in weekly pregnancy photos, and I’ve got a couple other posts sitting in the back of my brain waiting for a good time to be transmitted to type.

There are a few convenience and aesthetic factors that I will miss about paying for a hosted blog, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t lament their lack too long as I get used to the free digs again.

Thanks for sticking with me. I’ll have photo updates in the next day or two and hopefully something interesting to say about the end of 2011.


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