20 Weeks

Apparently, at 20 weeks, measurements can be taken head-to-toe instead of crown-to-rump now. So at twenty weeks, we’re talking banana. And at 20 weeks, I mention I’m expecting in April to a customer or random stranger, and they look at me like, “no way.”

So I guess I’m still not showing all that much. Which makes those little baby wiggles and flips I’m feeling even more special. Because they’re still my secret. Part of me wishes that I was showing more than I am. Because I thought that by this point with M, it was pretty obvious. I think we were in Florida at the time, and I had started to sport all my awesome summer maternity shirts. I passed my reflection in a shop window and thought, “Wow, I totally look pregnant.”

Not right now, though. But I totally feel pregnant. I feel like I’m getting a little off balance sometimes. Just a touch awkward in moving myself about. And there’s that tap-tapping from the inside, there. Someone saying hello. It makes me smile every time. Hello, Baby X. I feel you. I know you’re there. I hope that you’re safe and happy and growing well.


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