The Second Child

A few weeks ago, I went into my place of employment on my day off to begin a baby registry.

There are a number of reasons for this, but nowhere among them is the expectation for anyone/everyone I know to go out and buy a baby gift. I just want to make that clear.

I created a baby registry for Baby X because I didn’t know all the same people when I was pregnant with M. I have met so many more amazing folks over the last four years. I’ve formed new friendships. Close relationships that have meant the world to me during all the times I’ve needed them most. I’ve celebrated the news of this pregnancy with these people, who understood how much it was anticipated. And I’ve gotten amazing support. I honestly don’t need or expect anyone to give anything more than what they have and continue to give in that sense. I feel very loved already.

That said, I also understand that giving a gift is often something that people enjoy doing if they have the means. And because I know that not everyone knows what we still have that’s usable from M’s infancy, I made a list of some items we could use new for X.

I also had fun with it, though. I put some things on that list that we absolutely do not need but are nice things that I would really be excited to receive. Some of the items, I fully expect to purchase for myself. Others on the list are just wishes and dreams that would be great if money was no object–fun to think about, but not any sort of realistic expectation.

Another reason that I registered is because part of me figured it would only be fair. This kid is going to have plenty handed down over the course of his/her life that I thought it would be nice, even though a baby won’t know the difference for quite some time, to give X a few things meant just for X instead of filtered down through M’s earlier experiences.

James thought that it was ridiculous of me to register when I first told him I did. But I explained to him the same as here, and he got it. And I wanted to explain it here, too, just to put it out there that really, even if no one got us a thing, we’d be just fine. We truly don’t expect gifts from anyone because we do have so much from our first child and are perfectly capable to provide for the second in our own way. Because I know that sometimes, especially because I work in a baby store and managed to put about 100 things on that list, some might get the impression that we’re asking, that we’re being greedy. Really, it’s just to make it easy to remember the things I’ve seen that I might like to have. To make it easy for those who may have the desire to give a small gift to celebrate a new life with our family.


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