Meet the Muffins*

Thanksgiving. Nobody had to work. No one even needed to field calls from work. It’s kind of nice working for companies that actually close on major holidays.

So we spent the day in the kitchen and in front of the television. Not the most brilliant parental moves on our parts, but we forgave ourselves for it this once because it was Tom & Jerry and a Packers win.

We had a delicious dinner. Our favorite “ultimate turkey,” cornbread stuffing, from-scratch mashed potatoes (yes, we’ve done buds from a box once or twice before), green bean casserole and crescent rolls. We did have gravy and cranberry sauce from a packet and can respectively, but it was all delicious.

After dinner, I pulled all the meat off the carcass, we had a quick Skype with my whole family in Wisconsin, and we headed off to the movie theater to take M to his very first big screen experience, The Muppets.

Now, he hadn’t had a nap, and he’s had this nasty cough, so we weren’t sure it was the best idea right before bedtime. But the kid was so excited, and we’d been building it up all week.

He ate about half the popcorn (yeah, James had to get popcorn because he can’t go see a movie without it), and at least while he was holding the popcorn, he stayed in his seat. That was something we were a little concerned about, since we showed him Return of the Jedi on Monday at home, and he could. Not. Sit. Still.

He did switch seats a few times, but fortunately, he stayed nearby and mostly stayed seated. As the movie reached it’s thrilling conclusion, he had been surprisingly still for several minutes. Finally, though, he could no longer keep his eyes open, he rested his head on my arm, and gave in to the power of the tryptophan.

It was not a fun ride home because he woke up so grumpy, and the cough medicine had just worn off. But this morning, he was already remembering the experience fondly.

Next time, though, I think we’ll probably do better with a matinee.

*Before he could say “Muppets,” he called the beloved group, the muffins, which I still think is totally adorable, especially since he can’t even believe that he ever said it that way, himself.


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