Got the Beat

This morning, we had our monthly family visit to the lovely midwives at the birth center. Yeah, in case I haven’t posted anything in three months (yikes!) and you missed it, we’ve got a new bun in the oven.

The last visit, we had hoped to hear a little heart beating, but the bean decided to hide. But today, we got that confirmation that the little one is really there, developing as it should. I wasn’t really in doubt, let me say, because I’ve been sick, I’ve been tired, I’ve been thickening around the middle exactly on schedule and all that. But that heartbeat. That gets me. That made me smile.

And I needed that smile. I need that beat.

It’s been an eventful several months. I’ll need to write about them. Another day. Today it’s all about the beat. That perfect galloping little beat. That baby couldn’t hide, though it tried. It kicked at the doppler and moved away as we listened. We’ve got a feisty little one in there. Or maybe it just prefers its privacy. Either way, I’m excited. Still smiling.


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