A Few Answers

I know that I haven’t really been writing much over here. I’ve been keeping a lot of myself to myself. There was very little that was certain. I was feeling low, impatient, frustrated. I held on to hope. I prayed, confided in people face to face. Friends, family.

My husband found a new job. So we don’t have to worry anymore about what’s going to happen to his company, to his employment. It’s still retail, but a lot more room to grow while he figures out how to pursue his dreams and achieve other goals.

We will still have to watch our money, and I will still be working, but things will get easier. Because I’ve also been offered an additional income, a job I start next week. The extra hours may be a difficult adjustment, but I think it will be worth it due to the nature of the employment. I’ll be working with a local photographer. I’ll be connected to creativity. And even though it’s not much for now, again, there are opportunities there. For me to learn, to grow, to contribute to the growth of an artist’s business. It’s not just an income, it’s the exact type of field and position that I’ve been looking for.

There is one other endeavor that I’ve been working on for more than half a year now, myself, which is also finally coming close to completion. It’s probably the last thing that is making me somewhat nervous about the future. Without going into too much detail, I’ll be taking on a voluntary leadership role, offering help and support to those who need it. And I just hope that I can make a difference for the better in someone’s life while upholding the standards of the wonderful organization I will be representing. It’s intimidating in a way I’ve not experienced before, but exciting, too.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time lately being grateful. So grateful to God for these few very significant answers to all my desperate prayers these last several months. Grateful to all my friends, family members, coworkers and everyone who has been cheering us on. I feel like some huge weight has been lifted. And even though all these new endeavors will bring their own new challenges, I know that it’s all going to be for the better. So I say, bring it on. I’m ready. Let’s go.

One thought on “A Few Answers

  1. Frank says:

    Have you ever wondered how you could help those who are less fortunate than you?

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