Creative Things

Wondering where I’ve been? Well, I got this new sewing machine thing, and it’s been my complete obsession since a day or two before Christmas.

I’ve had some ups and downs, learning the ropes of zigzag feet and thread tension, but I’ve already completed two fabulous gifts for two fabulous new (well, one almost) mommies (and/or daddies). The ring slings turned out really nice. The first was a bit of a learning experience, but the second went much more smoothly, and if you look really closely, you’d probably be able to tell without knowing which one I did first and which one I did second. But both are super comfy and strong, and they should serve the new little humans well when I am finally able to deliver the slings to their respective homes.

This has been my distraction. This is what is keeping me away from writing, from cleaning my house, from thinking about stressful situations and the like. And while I hate to admit it, the sewing has also been drawing my attention away from a very sweet and devoted three-year-old. But I’m working on it. Really.

This happens every time I start any type of project or venture into any sort of new obsession. Even a good book can tear me away from the poor kid. And while I get a fair amount of and most certainly value my personal time, what I do during naps and various viewings of Thomas the Tank Engine or Frosty the Snowman often becomes a gnawing on my subconscious as I’m trying to play the tackle game or the train game or Play Doh or anything else with my little man, and I’m not right there with him. Instead, I’m planning the next step, hems or basting or which color thread should go where.

Because the act of sewing is so involved, however, I have managed to keep it pretty limited to nap and post-bedtime. M has already helped me wind bobbins and collect bits of thread off the floor. He doesn’t mind, as long as I’m paying attention to him. And I’m really trying to make the time to play with him and actually be completely there in it with him. And we have a lot of fun.

But this time of year is hard for me. Maybe it’s the birthday, which I started writing about the day of but never got around to putting the rest into words. Maybe it’s the holidays. Maybe it’s the limbo we’re still in regarding how various efforts are going to play out. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Thankfully, even though this new pursuit is yet another thing to take my attention away from the men in my household who may need it, I do think that it’s helping my mood to have something like sewing. It calms my mind, steadies my hands, and I really feel good that I’ve created something both useful and beautiful for people that I love.

I’m sure I’ll be making more slings someday (friends and relatives will probably keep having babies, after all), but next on my list is learning to take in some trousers, starting with a couple of old pairs of my grandpa’s crazy golf pants and hopefully ending with a nice pair of black pants that I got after M was born, which are now way too big and barely worn. After that, well, I did stop at JoAnn today and picked up a couple of actual patterns to try out. Because you just can’t pass up a deal like $0.99 apiece. I might whip up a bag or two to go with the slings before all that, though, too, since I have some extra fabric from that. But ah, perhaps another day.


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