Yesterday, it snowed. As usual, I had my laughs at the Virginians who still have no idea what to do on the roads when that stuff starts to fall. And yes, I had plenty of time in which to laugh as I sat in the traffic. It wasn’t even snowing by then. People were just… being Virginians.

Side note, last winter, we got FEET of snow. And some of those feet happened to land on our area in the same day. The same week, even. And still, I have to wonder if anyone learned anything about living in a place where it snows. Before last year, while we never seemed to get all that much snow, it has most certainly snowed in Virginia every winter for the last seven years I’ve lived here. They still don’t know how to deal.

But I digress. Schools were closed. They were closed again today (roads perfectly clear, no more snow falling, setting themselves up for disaster again if we get hit like last year). M enjoyed running around with Daddy and bulldozing the snow. I worked. The car got fixed.

And it snowed two inches or so.

And for dinner, we grilled.

James’ parents brought us a grill when they last visited. And some Polish sausage and bratwursts. So we had planned on grilling the Polish last night for dinner. That was before we realized it was going to snow.

And while we need a little bit more practice at the whole grilling process, those sausages were delicious, and we got a few more laughs out of our dinner due to the fact that we were fairly certain that any neighbor of ours sniffing around outside last night was extremely baffled by the fact that someone would be using their grill in weather like that.

But we’re hearty Wisconsin folk, when we have meat and a grill, by God we’re going to grill that meat.

And also? My son, who is not really much of a dinner eater, devoured his entire sausage (and they were all huge) like it was going out of style.


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