You know the old saying, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. Or something about making God laugh by having a plan. This is what I’m trying to remember while I sit here, waiting to make a plan.

I’d really like to start planning for next year. We always do a Christmas in January in Wisconsin with our families. Usually around my mom’s birthday. A few months ago, timing looked ideal. But that was when it was too far away to see any detail. Now there should be more detail. But there isn’t. And it’s creeping up on us fast.

My new nephew is anticipated to arrive in early February. Will I be able to meet him when he first comes earthside? Will I be able to go and participate in his mother’s baby shower? Probably. But the mechanics of the traveling remain elusive.

These events should hopefully be close up or coinciding with a life shift in our own little family of three. Still can’t say too much because there’s not all that much to say. Some of you know what’s going on, what we hope will happen. Some of you may not. But that’s okay. These details don’t matter all that much. What matters is that something should be happening soon. We should have some information soon. But until then, we have nothing. I can’t make a plan. I can’t make arrangements. I can’t make lists or see much beyond the calender flip to 2011.

And I really, really wish I could.


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