Notes from the Tub

Today was a good day for Three and me. So I asked M if he wanted to help me write something for the computer. He seemed agreeable, but he still doesn’t really understand what “writing” is. First he asked me to draw Mickey Mouse with his ears and his eyeballs. But I told him that he could tell me what to write while he played in the bath. So here’s what he had to say:

Write a fish. Fish make sounds. I’m taking a nice, hot bath. That’s enough water.

I can touch that paper.

I’m drinking the water bathtub. I better close my mouth and blow bubbles in the water. Ouch, I hurt mine self. I hurt my tongue.

I was just sitting on that fishy. Sit on one fish. I better fish. I better sit on the fishing pole. The water goes in the fishing pole and goes in and comes out.


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