Yesterday, an appointment that my husband had made was rescheduled. He wasn’t working until the afternoon, and Mommy had a bit of the cabin fever (starting early, oh no!). So M and I convinced him to come with us on our “nice long walk to the river.”

He didn’t want to go. I knew that. He was trying to find a way to convince me that he didn’t actually know his schedule and thought he might have to go in earlier. But the combined powers of an adorable kid and his super hot mom got the best of the poor man. So out we went.

Turns out it was a gorgeous morning already. Sun shining, not too cold. We walked quickly, most of the time, which allowed us to pause a bit to look at grasshoppers and pick up rocks. M and his daddy compared and carried several different rocks at various points along the path. We talked, joked, and just enjoyed a brief but bright period of family togetherness, which has been rare since James started at his new store and we’ve been back on a schedule that leaves little time for such luxury.

In other words, we all ended up being glad that he took 45 minutes out of his morning to walk to the river and back. His son was thrilled, and so was his wife.

And in case he didn’t notice, I’m writing it here to remind myself that sometimes it’s hard to get up and take that first step to do something we just don’t feel like doing, but it tends to pay off in the end.


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