Sew Excited

Remember how I made my kid’s Halloween costume?

As I worked on the shirt and pants at my mother-in-law’s sewing machine, I must have showed great promise, because in turn, she promised to buy me a sewing machine for my birthday. Since early October, when she told me this, I’ve had several projects in the back of my mind just itching to be created on my new machine.

Ideally, I’ll find a shop that offers a few lessons on how to use the thing included in the price of the machine itself. Because once I get set up, I’m pretty good to just go, but the whole setting up part, what stitches to use when, how to put a pattern together and eventually even how to modify or create a pattern from scratch, are all techniques I have yet to attempt on my own.

I have a pretty huge creative streak, to which those who know me can attest. So for the most part, I can see myself flying by the seat of my newly mended pants. However, some guidance will certainly be appreciated.

There are, however, a couple of downsides to the anticipated new arrival in my house. 1. Time. I already don’t have enough hours in my days to accomplish all the other big ideas in my head. How am I ever going to learn and sew? Because I start a project and just want to keep going until it’s done. No matter how hungry I get or what little person is demanding I feed him or something. Maybe the sewing machine store offers lessons in time-management, too. For a small additional fee, of course. Hear that, sewing machine dealer? You’re welcome. And 2. Money. Fabric is not cheap. At least, not when you’re looking for something so specific two weeks before the costume needs to be done. I know, though, that there has to be some amazing deals out there. So another session to add into that intro to sewing class schedule might be something along the lines of where to find great deals on quality fabrics (and patterns).

Okay, so a few of the things I plan on making shouldn’t require anything fancy or large amounts of cloth. For example, pajama pants. M’s elastic waist yellow pants were pretty easy to put together once I tossed out the parts about pockets and a faux-fly. I’m exited to turn a few of our old sheet sets into new pajama bottoms for myself or my loved ones. But there are other things at which I’m thinking I might try my hand. Like cloth diapers, pads or slings. The more I encounter products of a fabric-oriented nature, the more I have found myself looking at their construction.

I’m thinking that there is probably a really frugal way to create new things out of old clothes, sheets, towels, etc. So that might be one way to go. But I would love to be able to offer my friends and family beautiful baby slings or mei-tai wraps when they’re expecting a new bundle, and I can see the price tag on those pretty, yet durable, fabrics rising before my eyes.

Today, I spent some time looking at different ways of making a ring sling. I loved my sling so much, and it was so easy to use that even the most wrap-phobic person can usually get the hang of it. I’ve all but scrapped my first project idea (pajama pants) to try to get into the sling-making mode for as soon as I finally get my machine. I’m excited to try this, and who knows, if it all goes well, there might finally be a few new products for sale in my Etsy shop again.


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