Run, Forrest, Run

The other day, I went to the thrift store to see if I could find any clothes to wear for work. I had M with me, and it was one of those extra sale days, so I couldn’t even stand in line long enough to hope for a chance to try on the few items I found. When I got home, the shirt fit great, and the pants… fit. Kind of.

They’re only a little bit small. And they didn’t cost much (did I mention the already cheap clothes were on extra sale that day?). But I have to wonder if they would have fit any better had I actually started my very well-intentioned running routine.

So I have yet to invest in a decent pair of running shoes and leave the house at a pace faster than a stroll to the car. But scheduling is an issue and the other thing I realized about running? I feel really good when I set out, but I’ve not yet mapped a good route for various distances in which I don’t have to make my way home after exhausting most of my energy. Yes, the solution would be to follow my son’s lead and study a map of the area. But that still leaves scheduling. Because as fast as he is, three-year-old legs just have trouble keeping up that kind of pace and distance. So I still need to figure out if there is a way to work this into my schedule this winter (yeah, not really thrilled about the prospect of going out in the snow).

There may be another way to solve this, though.

Last Saturday, I took my family into the city for a small gathering of like minds. When we had finished making our appearance, we decided to take advantage of the location and do some sight-seeing. Now, because of the scenario, we didn’t bring a stroller for M, so when he got tired, I strapped him into “the red,” and he promptly fell asleep. I walked the whole mall, to the WWII memorial, over to the Korean War memorial and finally to the Lincoln with his 30-something pound body on my body. By the time we got home, my legs were as tired as they’ve ever been. I thought to myself, what a workout! We should do this more often.

So on Monday afternoon in the crisp sunshine of fall, we took a hike from our house to the water. I’m not sure how far, but M actually allowed me to carry him some of the way. If he continues to allow me to wear him, I think I could keep up a good workout routine on the days I get to spend with him. Then again, he’s three, the age of “I do it mine self.” So I’m probably in for a bit of negotiating and a lot of “I want to walk.”

Anyway, it’s a compromise for now. And maybe later this winter, I can find a way to run indoors by “mine self.”

So I think I will actually get some good running shoes, after all. I’m not ready to give up on myself this time just yet.


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