Restoring Sanity

Check out my super cute rallying partners:

So on Saturday, October 30th, my family, a couple of friends and I headed out to the National Mall to add our bodies to the crowd marching to bring sanity back to our country (and/or keep fear alive — though I’m pretty sure that the fear mongering was facetious).

Now, we are about as far from seasoned protesters as it comes, and I’m pretty sure that was kind of the point. That there are a lot of intelligent people who have opinions that don’t get heard because we don’t do all that name calling and shouting. Whether Republican, Democrat or somewhere outside either of those labels (or in between, as the case may be), there are plenty of Americans out there who agree that there might be a better way to disagree with each other, with elected officials, policy, what have you.

We were there not just because we’re fans of Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert. We were there because, as one of the signs in the crowd expressed, when the comedians are telling you that this isn’t funny anymore, it’s time for something to change.

We had a great time at the rally, even though we could neither see nor hear from where we were standing. The best part was that we were surrounded by actual reasonable people. Folks were polite and courteous. They were friendly and conversational. They loved M’s sign, which he was very enthusiastically willing to show to anyone and everyone from up on Daddy’s shoulders. It was just a nice crowd to be in. And I usually tend to avoid crowds whenever possible.

I would seek out this crowd again.

As I’ve been watching some of the clips of Stewart and Colbert, their many guests, skits and songs from the rally, I’m glad that I can say we were a part of that. However negative the press write-ups have been, I still believe that it was worthwhile to make the effort to be there, and I hope that it helped get someone who might not have gave it a second thought, to go out and vote today for whoever you believe can do the best job at representing what’s important to you the people in Washington.


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