Baby Fever – It’s Contageous

This morning we had a play date that ended up including two moms, two two-year-olds and two brand new babies.

Lately, our circle of friends has had a bit of a baby boom. And it’s not just this mommy who’s been getting a healthy dose of newborn head smell and soft baby toe tickles. Nearly every time he sees me holding one of these cooing little lumps, M also asks if he can hold or cuddle that baby.

And he does. He’s so gentle with his touch, and he hugs them, sometimes gives kisses, says “That baby so cute.” He climbs up into my arms to hug both me and the baby. Today, he had me put the baby down in his bed and told him, “Close your eyes, baby.” It pretty much makes my heart burst to witness.

Now, I know that one day, when the time comes and M becomes a big brother sometime in the not-to-distant-but-definitely-not-exactly-immediate future, M will probably have a different attitude toward whatever baby ends up a permanent resident in our home competing for his mommy’s attention. Because that happens. But I know that whenever our family finally does add a new member, he will be so totally awesome.

For the record, in case it’s not totally clear above, I’m not pregnant. Yet. We’re not trying. Yet. But with any luck–soon. I’ve had the baby fever pretty badly for awhile, and getting to hold and cuddle a few little new ones has been fun for me, sated it a tad, especially now that we have a better general sense of timing on the matter. And it’s great to catch that glimpse of the brother that M will hopefully get to be one day.


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