When I was a kid, I decided what I wanted to be for Halloween and by the time trick-or-treating came along, I had an awesome homemade costume that fit perfectly over my jacket so I could go out in the cold Wisconsin late-October and get my candy and compliments.

Thanks, Mom.

Now, though, I’m the mom. And for his first and second Halloween, M

managed to fit in the same little Yoda outfit I picked up for a song at my place of employment. It was adorable and probably not something I could have put together myself. This year, though, he told me he wanted to be the man in the yellow hat from Curious George.

Do you know how hard it is to find a yellow hat like that? Or the rest of the yellow get-up, for that matter?

I’ve constructed a couple of my own costumes before. Well, I painted a star on the front of a yellow t-shirt once and went as a Sneetch from the Dr. Seuss book. But the one we made for James that same year was probably the best of my recent efforts (let’s see, that was just after college, so maybe eight years ago – how’s that for recent?). He went as a Lego guy. It was awesome. See?

You can’t tell from this photo because he looks just like some thug with a gun, but Greg’s Terminator costume was pretty awesome, too. It had the face melting and the glowing robot eye and everything. But he’s like a theatrical professional and stuff.

So what was I saying? Yeah, been awhile since I made any sort of real effort on Halloween. But for my kid, I feel the need to step back up to the plate.

Now, we’re going to see the grandmothers next weekend, who have both very graciously offered to create M some dashing yellow pants and a shirt to match, and my father-in-law is apparently magical at making patterns for 3-D things like hats or whatever because he works with bending metal and stuff.

But the thing is, as M would say, I want to do it mine self.

I feel like it’s a right of passage. I should be the one creating the costumes out of nothing because I’m the mommy. Just like my mom can do anything, I want to be the one who can do anything for my boy. I might need a little bit of help from the grandmothers. But mainly what I’m looking for from them is the use of their sewing machine.

But if I’m going to keep doing these kind of creative things, perhaps even more often than once a year, I should probably think about getting myself one of those, too. Because hand sewing is a lot of effort for wobbly seams.


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