The thing that’s most on my mind is the not-too-distant future and the employment plans of a certain husband of mine. I hesitate to write it, lest I jinx the momentum. So in compromise, I’m going to be pretty vague on the matter.

I’ve spoken at length with several people about the various pieces that seem to be falling into place like answered prayers.

Options have been narrowed. We have a path and some plans. But the links still seem fragile. Tenuous. Because nothing is yet written. Signed. I’s and T’s dotted and crossed, respectively. When that happens, I’ll feel better. I’ll let my breath out. And after this fall and winter and spring, we may yet be left hanging again in the nebulous unknown. But at least he’s playing the odds. Stacking the deck. And if this is as right a direction as it’s been feeling, he’ll finally get his lucky break and we’ll all come home winners.

I haven’t been this intent on reading coincidence as signs since high school, when my friends and I would analyze every gesture, word or intonation of a hallway passing from some boy in case it held a secret longing that could somehow be decoded from a simple, “Hey, what’s up.” But here we go anyway.

  1. There is a banner outside of an office park I drive by at least eight times a week. I always give it a nod as I pass, in acknowledgment of the powers working unseen on this next stage of life for our family because this banner is large and directly related to current pursuits.
  2. I’ve been feeling lonely for my family, who has also been feeling lonely for me and M. If all continues as it should, I will be spending some major time in their presence. The timing of this extended visit is fortuitous for at least one reason.
  3. My company is growing, so my job is not only secure, but opening up opportunities in areas of surprising coincidence.
  4. There is confidence in him on the part of my husband’s potential future employer. He’s excited in a way I haven’t seen in quite some time. That must certainly mean something.

There’s a lot to be said for a feeling. For focusing the direction of thoughts and yes, prayer. For asking the questions, putting them out there. My intuition tells me the time for change is coming. And maybe it won’t turn out to be the obvious one, where these signs are accumulating in plain sight dead ahead. But something tells me, though I try not to count my chickens before they hatch, to look that way with a hopeful smile.


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