July, July

So here we are in a new month again. For nine days already. Where does the time go?

We took M to see fireworks on the 4th. It was fun, though way beyond bedtime. He was amused enough by the glow sticks, and he gave the fireworks a cursory glance or two. We went to a neighboring suburb for a small festival and fireworks. We got funnel cake. The fireworks seemed to be having some technical difficulties, as there were several minutes-long pauses in the action. They were also a little far away and low to the horizon. So, kind of hard to see. Next year, we’ll try for something better.

On Wednesday, we finally took M to the airport, a place he’d been asking to go for weeks, and hopped on a plane to Milwuakee. M ran all the way up the walkway to fling himself into his grandma’s waiting arms, and we hung out with both sets of grandparents for lunch. Later, after a nap, my aunt, uncle, cousin+wife+baby came by and we had a light dinner. It was nice to see the cousin and family because they live in Germany. Their daughter is almost exactly one year younger than M, and the whole evening, the two kids just kind of played around each other until it was time for them to leave. That’s when they held hands and walked together down the driveway as though they had been best friends forever.

Yesterday morning, we had another play date with a friend and two daughters. Grandma did a lot of playing with the kids while the mommies got a chance to catch up. Her daughter was even calling my mom Grandma before too long.

Yesterday was also our fifth wedding anniversary. It was great that we got the chance to spend it in Wisconsin, where there happen to be people who will watch our boy for free while we get to go and be adults together for awhile. And lucky for us, we have a connection at the very same hotel where we had our wedding reception. So a free cocktail and a discounted “executive level” room for the night. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate with my honey. I’m so grateful for the last five years, for our devotion to each other, and I’m looking forward to whatever the next five years will bring. In past years, I’ve spent an entire blog post dedicated to our anniversary, but considering I almost forgot about it completely this year, this honorable mention will have to do. Love you, James.

Tonight, my sister comes into town with her husband, and we’ll spend tomorrow morning with them and my brother’s gang. We still have lots of exciting stuff planned for our stay, and I’m enjoying the company and various activities immensely. It’s always a shame that the time seems so short, and we can’t always see everyone we’d like, but the time we do get to spend with the people we can is always time well spent.


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