La Vida

Now that the big stuff post is out of my system, I can go on rambling about any old thing. I just had to get that off my chest. That post took me almost all month to actually finish writing. Thank you for listening.

Some months see my writing slow down. This happens when there are a whole lot of real life happenings, well, happening. And there have been. Here are some of the happenings, in no particular order:

For one, work. I’m working hard because there is no other choice. I work to keep my house in both senses of the word. I work to entertain my kid, who’s pretty good entertainment himself. I work at the store four days a week, and on the days I don’t work, they must have removed some of the hours in those days because they’re just gone way too fast.

For another, HOT. Oh, man, has it been hot outside lately. So we stay indoors most days, and with only one car having air conditioning, it sometimes means cabin fever a-la endless dark winter months. We try to get outside when it’s cloudy, even raining, because that helps with the oppressive wet air bombardment, but M is a constant ball of energy, and it’s hard to keep him cool and hydrated even under those conditions, which have been few and far between. On the plus side (not at all), our home air conditioner stopped making cool air today, so we get to deal with that, too. I never thought I’d be this grateful for a basement condo with few windows. It’s only about 80 degrees in here so far, and the next couple of days are supposed to be a tad milder than the last week of high 90 degree weather. Thank goodness for small miracles. Bring on the clouds. We should have it taken care of fairly quickly, though, and at a slight discount thanks to knowing the right people. So enough about that.

In other news, I am in the early stages of becoming a La Leche League leader. I am really excited about this because one of the parts of my current retail job that I feel absolutely zero ambivalence about is the part that allows me to offer support and information to parents who need it, even if they weren’t specifically seeking it out when they walked into the store. I feel, and have also been told later by my repeat customers, that even by just offering them a small bit of my knowledge and experience, I help. That’s the part I love. And that’s the part that led me to look seriously into participation with La Leche League as a leader.

And then there’s the rest. My husband and I have found ourselves with two choices regarding the future of our family. Really and ultimately, the decision lies with my husband about which road to take, because both roads are spotted with many trials and uncertainties. I have come to terms with either direction, I think, and have decided to leave it up to my husband and to God what happens next. I can’t really go into details, but I refer to the choices as “ours” because he respects my thoughts and feelings on the matter. The matter itself has to do with his long-sought career building opportunities. And I honestly feel pretty good about the fact that the options have become serious and narrowed down to two. Until I feel better saying more, I’ll leave it at that. The road we’ve traveled already has not been easy, and whichever one we end up on will have its own difficulties, but at least I don’t feel stalled on the shoulder anymore. And that’s something in itself.

And saving the best bits for last, how’s the kid? He’s fine. Every afternoon when he wakes up from his nap, he comes down the hall with his hair sticking up and out all willy-nilly, rubs his eyes and holds up his hand in a wave, saying “Nice to see you, Mommy!” It cracks me up.

He is obsessed with the flashlight. So we’ve spent a couple of days in the dark, quite literally, while he experiments with light and shadow.

He’s starting to pretend a lot more. He fancies himself a crane sometimes, lying on the floor with his knees bent and his feet come together to pick up a block or some other thing. He flaps his arms and pretends to be a bird. He points his finger and makes a ssshhhh noise like a water hose. He knocks on the door, and when you ask who it is, he usually says, “It’s Papa!” One time he said, “It’s Papa, Mommy.” And one time with my husband, he said he was a robot papa.

He says excuse me if he burps, but also when he has the hiccups. He will excuse himself after every hiccup, which can go on for quite some time. The other day, he farted, and as he walked away, he told his dad, “Smells like Mommy.” Wise guy.


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