I haven’t called the Geek Squad about my laptop yet. You could say I’m procrastinating. But much like the multi-month period we spent without cable television, I’m finding a reprieve in my laptop-less state of being.

I really would like the thing fixed, or failing it’s actual fixability, a (sigh) new one. James agrees that life with a portable computer is a good thing. Especially if we can get one where the DVD drive actually plays DVDs again, and something with a bit more memory for the giant software programs that I’ve used for designing websites and such.

At the very least, I have a few documents sitting on the hard drive that I’d like to see again. Fortunately, all the photos are stored externally, so no worries there.

But in the meantime, I spend M’s naps actually getting things accomplished on the desktop computer because I’m usually fairly certain that I won’t want to come into the chilly and lonely office after bedtime. Unless, of course, it’s one of the nights that James isn’t home. When he is, well, I’d rather be in the same room with him, even if we’re both snoozing on our respective couches (ah, the exciting life of overworked parental units).

I’ve even managed to get back to my altered book project some. The old analog art, as it were. Pen to paper. It really is more relaxing than images on a screen. And I feel more productive when I’m creating by hand than in anything else. That alone might bring me the peace I have been aching for lately.

So, I guess if James really wants to take the laptop in for diagnosis, he’ll have to go on out and do it. Because for now, it’s not that high on my priority list. However, if we end up driving down to Florida in April rather than flying, we’ll have to look into that whole DVD aspect of the situation a little more seriously, I’d wager.


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