It could have been worse. In fact, the husband and I are both a little shocked that we haven’t let any really naughty words slip yet in front of our boy in such a way that he takes it and runs.

I came home from work on Sunday night, and as I was changing my clothes, my husband made a comment, like husbands do, verbally took notice of his wife’s awesome rack. M happened to overhear the word, and it sounded so appealing that he just had to try it out for himself. Over and over again.

The best part was when he climbed up onto the bed and with each jump, shouted, “Boobies!…boobies!…boobies!” James and I abandoned our efforts to keep a straight face pretty quickly right there. Because, while we’d rather not have our kid jumping around at the grocery store or out to eat shouting “Boobies!” even if he did, well, “boobies” is a pretty funny word, and I’m sure we wouldn’t be the only ones laughing. Because it could have been any number of other words, and I suppose it’s only a matter of time before one of those other words slips. In which case, perhaps we can distract him with, “boobies,” and be glad if it works.


One thought on “Boobies!

  1. mom says:

    LOL out loud!!

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