I am sitting in the coldest room of my house. I am typing on a keyboard that is sitting on a desk. It is attached to a great big flat-screen monitor and a cpu the size of a couple of toasters.

I think I killed my laptop.

It’s possible that it just went mental completely on its own. I was getting some warnings from Norton about an error I was in the middle of attempting to fix. Something having to do with my virus definitions. At the same time, however, that pesky little dialogue bubble was pressuring me to free up some disk space again. Which means that I deleted a couple of programs that I knew I never used. But I also probably deleted something important because my computer apparently likes to lie to me and tell me that vital parts of its anatomy haven’t actually been used since 2006 (when it arrived on my doorstep).

But maybe it’s a coincidence. After all, I’m not the first to have this particular problem with a Compaq. Ask the Internet. They’ll tell you. I didn’t make a huge investment in the thing, so why should I expect it to compute satisfactorily for more than three years. The lifespan of electronics keeps getting shorter and shorter, after all.

I don’t really think I need a new laptop. At least I hope not. It’s just a matter of finding someone to get in there and fix it on the cheap. Or at least tell me I need a new laptop and maybe help me get some data off the drive.

At least, in the meantime, this dinosaur of a desktop–which I can’t even remember buying it was so long ago, but it must not be super old since it has a dvd drive–is here and operational (knock wood).


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