Begun the youngling’s training has.

Like many of us, my son likes to read while using the toilet. On many occasions, since one of the adults in the house has to accompany him to “the office,” we also bring our own reading material. Usually it’s been copies of The Economist, which M also sometimes likes to borrow while he conducts his business.

The other day, James brought the strategy guide to one of his Star Wars computer games. It was still in the bathroom when I took M to potty after dinner. So we looked at it. And on the back cover, there were several photos. The first thing that caught his eye, which he was very proud to point out, was “Gorilla!”

Of course, it was actually a shot of three wookiees. But gorilla was a pretty good guess, no? So I agreed that they did look like gorillas and told him what they really were. So now he knows the difference between a gorilla and a “ookiee.” He also knows what wookies say, which was a sound he used to make all the time when he was just learning the mechanics of his own voice but now has no idea what to do to get it to come out the right way. It’s totally adorable.

He then pointed to some of the other pictures on the book.

He didn’t seem to have any memory of Yoda from Halloween, but it’s entirely possible that he had no idea he was even dressed up at all, much less as the famous little green Muppet from Dagobah. But he knows “Oda” now.

And storm troopers (“pom poopers”) and Boba Fett (Bo-Fett).

I think part of me always just assumed that it would be James introducing our little nerdling to the ways of the Force. Since he’s by far the biggest nerd in our family to date. But I just couldn’t resist. And it’s provided some good laughs for these cold winter days.


One thought on “Bo-Fett

  1. Rob says:

    Nerds of our age look forward to the first viewing of Star Wars with the same enthusiasm a baseball fan would have taking his son to the ballpark for the first time.

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