Big Snow

Last Tuesday we got snow. It wasn’t too bad. A couple of inches. Schools closed anyway on Wednesday.

Friday, they closed in anticipation of the “snow-pocalypse” headed for our area through the weekend.

It started Friday morning and didn’t stop until sometime late in the evening on Saturday. Both my store and my husband’s store were closed all day on Saturday. Though we didn’t really get to hang out through the day, since he spent the bulk of it outside digging out our cars so at least one of us could work on Sunday, when, yes, the stores were open again.

M had some fun digging in the snow, throwing it around, and watching his daddy use the big blue shovel. When we went out there in the afternoon, James asked M what he thought, and he replied, “Woah. Big snow.”

I was glad to work on Sunday. The roads were pretty horrible, because Virginians don’t really know their way around a plow, but everything was passable, and by the time I left in the evening, the stuff had melted enough from the other drivers fleeing their own cabin fever that it was pretty decent.

And yet, the federal government was closed yesterday. And today. I went to Costco and Safeway this morning, and seriously? I can’t comprehend the fact that it hasn’t snowed for three days, but schools and government offices are still closed due to the weather conditions.

And what’s more, it’s supposed to start snowing any minute today. Another foot or more accumulating on top of what’s left of the roughly three feet of snow that hasn’t had the chance to melt yet.

My store may be closed again tomorrow. Which just figures because I’m scheduled to work a full day. And being part-time, I don’t get paid when the store doesn’t open. It is very frustrating not only to be unable to leave the house in general, but also to be unable to contribute in a very necessary and critical way to my family’s finances. Sigh.

I honestly wouldn’t mind all the snow, the shoveling, the extra cautious driving and time-consuming commutes, if only the whole metro-DC region would just suck it up and CONTINUE TO MOVE THROUGH IT. I hate being on pause. There is a lot that my family needs to get done in the coming weeks, stupid things like scheduling dental checkups and pelvic exams, renewing the auto registration and taking cars in for inspections. Things that need careful consideration when scheduling because all the shifts for the two jobs we have take a certain precision in coordinating already. Throw in an appointment or interview and all hell may just about break loose. Throw in a couple of snowstorms and, well, I think they’re calling it “Snow-mageddon 2010.”

And just because you love it, here’s a picture of M hanging out (click on the photo for the larger version):


2 thoughts on “Big Snow

  1. mom says:

    Wow! That is some real snow!!! We have had our share since midnight last night, and it will continue through tomorrow morning! I made it to and from work but it took 2 hours instead of 45min!!! I feel your pain!

  2. Dad says:

    So we had snow today – about 10 inches – and the world didn’t stop. I made it home in about 1 hour. Driving was pretty good because I just kind of went slow and listened to my FAVORITE cd. You know which one don’t you.

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