This morning, M attended his first ever structured class. I bit the bullet and finally got us all signed up for Bible study and the preschool program, and though we were too sick to go last week, we made it there this morning.

The whole drive there, I was explaining what would happen. I told him that I was going to leave him with the other kids for awhile, and he seemed to understand that I would not be with him the whole time, though I would be nearby. When we got to the classroom, he immediately began to play with the toys and the other kids, and by the time I left him, he was happily molding play-doh at the little table. Though he did try to follow me out the door after I said bye-bye.

We were fortunate that this was the week that my friend who had invited us was volunteering in the children’s program today, since she and her daughter know M very well. I knew that they’d look out for him that little bit extra, though I was also fine leaving him in the kind hands of the other teachers and volunteers, too. Just having her with him helped me feel like he would be a little bit more comfortable without his mommy right there.

When I went back to get him, the teacher met me with a limp and sleeping boy. When he opened his eyes, I don’t know if he realized that I was the one holding him, so he cried a little bit and tried to tell me something that I couldn’t quite understand. But he recovered nicely, and I was informed that he did pretty well for his first day.

When my friend explained how the morning went, I immediately understood why he was so pooped. Apparently, he was fine during the activities, but whenever the class moved to a new location, he expected Mommy to show up. They switched classrooms once and also spent some time outside on the playground. So when he got his coat on, he looked for Mommy. When they got outside, he played and forgot all about me. When it was time to go back in, though, he was looking for Mommy again. That’s got to be rough. He’s a very easy-going little guy, but he doesn’t always know what to expect from a situation. And honestly, not knowing the preschool program’s exact routine, I couldn’t really prepare him fully.

I think he had fun, though he didn’t tell me much. Like I said, he was pretty exhausted, so maybe he’s still processing and after he wakes from his nap he’ll have more to say. I think this is really going to be good for him, and the Bible study is going pretty well for the mommy, too. I actually got placed in my friend’s small group, so that’s a little bit comforting for me, too.


One thought on “School

  1. mom says:

    Wow! This is pretty exciting! But now he will miss it again while he is in Milw! Hopefully he will remember what it was all about when he returns!

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