Brain Lubricant

So I’ve been reading Calvin & Hobbes, and in one of the comic strips, Calvin sneezes into a tissue. He then exclaims, “Oh no! I’m leaking brain lubricant!”

That’s pretty much how it is over here. Turns out I was wrong about the bug being something mild and on the way out. Sudafed didn’t even help me sleep last night. I have to work this evening, so I’m just popping on here briefly to push that last, rather depressing, post down a notch, and then I’m going to take a nap. With the snot factory in full production and M starting to cough the same cough I’ve been coughing the last few days, it might be time to resort to the big guns. I’m going to dope myself up with Mucinex and Sudafed and perhaps some ibuprofen for the headache and hope I can make it through closing tonight and opening at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

Wish me luck. And let’s hope it hits the boy a little less than it got me. Also, that James manages to avoid it altogether.


One thought on “Brain Lubricant

  1. mom says:

    GOOD LUCK!!! I do hope it is all gone by the time you all come home!! But if it is not, mama will take good care of you!!

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