Things to Remember

That kid of mine is growing so fast. I feel like time is speeding up and I’m just standing here watching it slide away. There are a few moments I want to note.

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning watching M approach the tree where his presents were waiting. I loved writing letters for him all day long on the chalkboard, the dry-erase board and the big roll of paper on his new easel. I loved how much he loves to color and write notes.

When M wakes up from a nap or a night of sleep, he comes up to me and says, “Hi, baby.” Because that’s the first greeting he hears from his mommy after being in another room for awhile. When his dad’s there, he says, “Hi, buddy.” Just like he said, “Hi, honey,” all the time after a few days with his grandparents.

He loves the Christmas lights. He loves the tree and the decorations. He got a little snowman figure from a great auntie at his great-grandma’s funeral last month, and because he’s still working on pronouncing many words in his vocabulary, when he asks for his snowman, the word comes out sounding more like, “my man.” Which James and I think is pretty awesome. He is building longer and longer sentences, and now we’re trying to work a little bit on the pronoun thing. The latest record is a four-word request: “Michael touch pretty lights.” This is most requested as we’re driving in the car. The first time I had to say no, he got quite upset.

He loves to build forts. He likes to bury himself in his blankets and pretend to sleep. He runs everywhere. He builds towers with the spices from the spice rack. He’s working on a number of distraction techniques for when we yell at him. And he also is learning to identify and express emotions. Last weekend, when the Packers lost, Daddy was being a typical fan, and M said from his highchair with a worried expression, “Daddy mad.” We had to explain to him that Daddy wasn’t mad at him, he was mad at the sports.

He blows kisses with such enthusiasm and this big open-mouthed grin. I don’t know if I’ll ever catch it on film, but it’s something I notice every day.

He knows that green lights mean go. We’re working on red lights and stop.

He can count from one to ten (sometimes eleven or twelve) without skipping a number. We count to twenty while he brushes his teeth, and lately we’ve been counting in a monster voice. Which is totally adorable when it comes out of that little two-year-old monster mouth.

I also love how he sometimes says “Hello,” with an affected deepness, and you know, not being able to articulate the L.

I just overall love that kid. So much. I just felt the need to get some of that down. Someday maybe I’ll even upload some more pictures.


2 thoughts on “Things to Remember

  1. mom says:

    I just love to hear all about what M does!! He is just sooo awesome!!!!!
    BTW, I had a hard time figuring out how to leave a comment cus you can’t click on comment—you have to click on the title, which is a bit confusing to us old farts—I’m just sayin’!!!

  2. Sara says:

    I’ll see if I can fix that. But hey, at least you figured it out!

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