So, welcome to the new blog. It seems like it’s been an effortless transition on the viewing end, I’m sure, but there is a bit of work that goes into an undertaking like this. And when I get the bug up my butt to do something creative, like a web page design, I tend to fall all the way in for awhile. Which means, of course, that other responsibilities have a way of being put off.

I have to hand it to my kid, though. He’s been pretty patient with me the last couple days. Yes, I was working on this stuff yesterday afternoon while he slept, and yes, I worked a bit more on it all this morning while he didn’t. So I let him watch a bit more Curious George than I normally would. I couldn’t really blame him when he pooped in his diaper instead of the potty today because it was my own lack of patience and foresight that led to the diaper disaster. I hope that I was able to make up for my lack of attention this morning with a bit more attention this afternoon before the nap. We drew, wrote notes, built forts, and I let him help a little bit with the dishes. Once the computer was out of sight, I tried to put the site out of mind. And I think I did alright.

Now he’s sleeping so I have a bit more time to comb over the template code to see if I can find a way to change just a couple more of the colors. I’m not thrilled with the header yet, but that’s a project that can take awhile, so I’ll save that for another day. I’m really liking the new site from an editing side of things, though probably because of the theme I chose to use, to make the changes is requiring me to comb through more code than I’d like. Especially since I’m not really at all fluent in .php and only a have a surface familiarity with .css. But I’m learning new things, which counts for something, right?

And as for the parental role, now that the bulk of the blog move is done, I’ll be able to balance better. But I get like this whenever I have the creative itch. All I want to do is get lost in whatever it is I’m working on, and anything that distracts me from it tends to frustrate me more than it normally would. It’s part of who I am. And I’m glad to have some creative outlets, not to mention a pretty easy going kid. He likes hanging out with his mom, and that’s something that I know I shouldn’t take for granted. I need to save up these times for the future ones when I’m the last person he wants to see on any given day.


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