Plumbing Headache

Now that the plumbers are here, and the issue is being resolves, I feel like I can write it out.

So Friday, water flowed up from nowhere into our kitchen sink. It filled up and up, and I bailed it out into the shower. I hadn’t been running any water. No dishwasher, laundry, shower, nothing. So. There went any plans of finishing the post-holiday cleanup.

We managed alright, with my husband fixing our own leaky pipe on his own on Saturday afternoon. I did some of the dishes on Saturday night. Sunday, both upstairs neighbors turned on their dishwashers at the same time. This was bad. Water up the sink, James freaking out.

Obviously, this was a clog in a shared pipe. James asked our neighbors to refrain from using the dishwasher yesterday, promising that we would be taking care of it as soon as possible on Monday morning. Today.

I called our property management company first thing. Our own property manager wasn’t there, so I left a message. I didn’t hear back for an hour and a half, so I called again to see if I could go ahead and do anything to get a plumber out here. The customer service rep told me he’d email our manager again to have her call me back. She didn’t. My husband called a couple hours later from work on his lunch break. He got the customer service supervisor to go ahead and give us the okay to call the plumber that the company uses for our building. I called, and within an hour, the plumbers were here.

I’m grateful for our neighbors, who were very understanding about the whole thing, and I’m looking forward to letting them know that they’ll be able to run their dishwashers again today. I’m grateful that I don’t have to pay for this drain snaking.

I am not, however, very pleased with our condo management situation. Especially since they’re raising our fees quite significantly for the coming year. Because I am already paying too much, especially since on the rare occasion that I need to make use of their services, I get a whole bucket full of nothing.

I’ve been drafting a letter in my head all morning, as I sat waiting for something to happen. Some news or information to be provided. I doubt that anything will change as a result, but I feel like I have to speak up. Because this is just unacceptable.

Well, off to do some dishes, and leave some notes for the neighbors. Huzzah!


3 thoughts on “Plumbing Headache

  1. Terri says:

    Totally unexceptable!!! I AGREE!!!! I think you should not put up with it any more, and move back to Milw!!! I’m just sayin”

  2. Terri says:

    P.S. I have totally enjoyed and looked forward to reading your daily blogs this month. You did a great job—congratulations — YOU OWN!!!

  3. danageekmom says:

    Do you have a condo association board? A group of pissed off owners can do a lot to get lax management off their rears.

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