Little Shutterbug

For Christmas last year, M got his own digital camera. The age recommendation for the thing was 3 years, but we figured that we’d be able to take a couple of shots and then he’d enjoy looking through the photos on the LCD screen. It didn’t really work out that way once he found out that the button on the front made a bright flash (that you can’t turn off) and that other button on the back made a fun sound as it deleted each picture.

He was a little young. So we put it away every once in awhile. We replaced the batteries fairly often, and eventually, he learned more about how to hold it and how a camera actually works.

I hadn’t really been paying much attention to what was on the camera, but on Thanksgiving, he took several shots of me, and when I took a look to check them out, I thought that I looked pretty good in them, so I wanted to make sure they got saved. And when I started really looking through my kid’s photo set, I have to admit that I was pretty impressed. I really love this one of James, taken during a diaper change, apparently.

Something about the lower resolution of the kiddie camera and the way that he has framed the shots really excites the artist in me. I love that my kid loves to color. I love how he loves his camera. And even though a lot of these shots are accidentally awesome, I hope that I can teach him how to trust his eye to this sort of thing, to be as excited about the resulting photo as he is about pushing that flash button.


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