One reason that I have continued to participate in NaBloPoMo, despite it’s challenges, is because I often get inspired. I am working on several creative projects at the moment, but I’ve been considering adding another blog overhaul to the list.

The main glitch in the plan so far is the cost. Because I want to move from the free blog over to my own hosting account, and that takes an investment. And we all know how my financial situation is not ideal at the moment. So this whole move/redesign probably won’t happen until there’s something extra that comes my way–a freelance job, a birthday card, a lottery win– but fortunately, a year of hosting doesn’t cost a whole lot, relatively speaking.

But to make up for the investment in hosting, a redesign and a move to my own server will provide me with the opportunity to include a bit of advertising. I used to have some of that stuff when I was over at Blogger, but I simplified when I moved to WordPress. And in the process of wracking my brain to figure out how to bring in any additional income to my household, no matter how miniscule the amount, monetizing the blog seemed like a logical step to take.

So I’m going to investigate different layout options that will have a decent chance of making me a little extra money without distracting or overshadowing my writing, and I hope it turns out nice. Of course, I won’t go live with a new design until it meets my own very high standards, so I should think it will be nice when it finally happens.

Like I mentioned, I have more than a few things going on in my life, so this will be a work in progress. But perhaps by the new year, Artyfuss will have a new face. Stay tuned.


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