Low Disk Space

So my computer has been obsessively bothering me about my low disk space. So I deleted a bunch of large picture files (making sure they were all on my external storage device, too, of course). I went through my programs to change/remove the stuff that’s rarely used. I think I freed up a good chunk of space. But there are programs that are still hanging around that I have no idea how to uninstall. Because if they were nice, they’d offer up an “uninstall” option from the programs menu. Nope. Not nice programs.

I don’t use much on the computer. I have Adobe CS3, which certainly takes up more than its fair share of disk space. I have MS Office from 2003, which is also somewhat large. I have Firefox to browse the Internets, and a few other random Windows accoutrements that come in handy for viewing pictures and extracting files, but really, I don’t need a lot. So where does all my disk space go? And how can I fix it better?

The thing is, one of the times that I went on a deleting spree in the past, I accidently must have deleted a program or driver or something that allows my laptop to play DVDs. Which was one feature that as my kid got older, I was sure would come in handy on long drives or flights. But then for no reason, DVDs don’t work anymore. Okay, maybe not “for no reason,” but really, I would think that a program that I actually used would ring enough of a bell that would make me think twice about tossing it into the old recycle bin.

So, in conclusion, I have two questions:

  1. How do you clean up a hard drive and really, truly delete all those stupid programs that you don’t use or need anymore?
  2. How can I get my laptop to play DVDs again? Can I download something from Microsoft or HP to fix whatever I broke? Is there free software or drivers I can get somewhere? Or do I have to pay for something? And will it take up so much space on my hard drive that I’ll have to run the “disk cleanup” every ten minutes again for the rest of my computer’s life?

One thought on “Low Disk Space

  1. Terri says:

    OMG LOL you are your mother’s daughter!!! But I just take it over to my friend at Inet, and tell him that I accidently deleted something and he puts it back for me!!! Of course—always a charge for that service!!!! They get you comin’ and goin’!!! See you tomorrow 🙂

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