Red Shoes

I was reviewing my clothing options for Thursday’s funeral and landed on a dress I’ve worn to two weddings and a baptism. When I was considering my footwear, I realized that I didn’t have anything appropriate for fall, though I did manage to find some stockings. I never wear stockings. And the word itself even feels a little strange in my mouth and rolling around in my head.

Anyway, a fall funeral seems to require stockings. And shoes that are a little more closed than I am used to wearing. My dress shoes all seem to be sandal-like. Because the open-foot look distracts from the fact that the heel is either super low or nonexistent.

So I went to the thrift store this morning to look for a pair of low-heeled, closed-toed shoes that would go with my dress.

I found some red ones. They’re a little shiny, and one of the heels is scuffed, but they’re me, even if the heel is a little higher than I would normally prefer. I think they’re appropriate, but still me. And now I have a pair of dress shoes to wear with pretty much every dress in my closet, for under $5.

Yeah, the price tag was pretty much what sold me, even though they may not be the most comfortable shoes I’ll ever own. What can I say, I just freaked out at my bank account because I thought I wouldn’t have enough money in there to cover the pending mortgage payment, so I switched around the dates on some other bills only to realize that the mortgage payment went through on Friday, so in reality, there’s plenty of money in there to cover the pending bills, and maybe even a little extra to help us on our journey “home” this week.


Edited to add: M thinks they’re cool, too.

 Red Shoes


One thought on “Red Shoes

  1. Terri says:

    I like those red shoes, and I love the model!

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