Over Budget

If anyone is reading this and knows a good way to make more money or spend less, I’m all ears. I’m working almost as many hours as is physically possible, though maybe there’s a way to work more. There are no freelance gigs coming in. And we’re going over budget every month.

This is the thing on my mind. The reason I don’t mind if the bosses keep us late closing the store. Even an extra five or ten minutes makes a difference on the paycheck, if only a tiny one. This is why I’m looking everywhere for answers. Talking about ways to make our lives different. Applying for new jobs myself. Thinking about what I can do to pinch another penny.

We can’t afford our debt. And if we pay our debt, we can’t afford to fill our cars or our bellies without adding more to our debt. It’s not by that much each month, but it all adds up. Keeps adding up. And then root canals, prescriptions. I put off seeing a doctor for a couple of minor issues I’ve had going on because they’re not urgent enough to warrant spending the $25 co-pay.

So I’m on Craigslist looking for anything that catches my eye. I’m reading paid emails and filling out surveys for a few cents a pop. I’m talking again with my manager about how to get more hours. Maybe I can work a double shift on Thursdays, come in earlier than opening on the days I open. Add another day, another couple hours.

Anyone have meal plans? Recipes with few and cheap ingredients? Ideas on how to make another dollar? I’ll take any advice. Because with student loans in deferment and an interest-only mortgage that’s not going to be interest-only forever, the future doesn’t look much better from where I’m sitting right now.


3 thoughts on “Over Budget

  1. Karen says:

    Ugh, we are right there with you! If you hear of anything let me know! 🙂

  2. danageekmom says:

    I do a lot. From making my own biscuits for a side to making my own laundry soap. One thing you can do right now is adjust your W2 withholdings. Yeah the extra cash when the returns come in is nice, but you need it now.

    For meals, I write a list out for each night (we shop every two weeks) I break it down by ingredient. I use half a pound of hamburger instead of a full pound and use veggies to stretch meals out. Then I re-work it if to find meals that use more of the same ingredients.

    If you have an Aldi near you go. If not Super Walmart is good too. Use more dust rags (Michaels old burp cloths work great) instead of paper towels.

    I never buy cookies, I can make those. Generic’s are often times just as tastey. Generic shampoo is just as good as the name brand.

    Melissa D’Araibian on FoodNetwork has great cheap recipes.

    Use your church, a lot of parents have old clothes they want to get rid of. I didn’t buy Kyle any winter clothes. A lady at church gave me two giant bags of stuff. All really cute. I’m talking Baby Gap and only one thing has a stain and it’s an undershirt.

    The Dollar Store is a good place to get basic cleaning supply’s, gift wrap and some kitchen utensils. I get my plastic bags there.

    Email me if you want some more of my “Cheap Ass Recipes”.

  3. danageekmom says:

    Oh! Go to sites like http://www.insurance.com/ to see if you can save on home and car insurance.

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