Flash Blood

So is it just boys? Or kids in general? Because M had a photo session at the JC Penny portrait studio scheduled for this morning and what else would happen while we were getting ready but he would bump his head in such a way that it bled.

He never cuts himself badly. Usually just falls down or runs into things that might make him bruise a little, which tends not to be very visible. But today of all days, he bleeds.

But not just from his head, no. If it had been the side or back of his head, fine. As long as it didn’t require a trip to the emergency room, no big deal. But this cut happened to land on his face.

Right by his eye.

I cleaned him up as well as I could. I tried to ice his brow so that it wouldn’t swell up too badly. The portraits still turned out adorable, and you can barely see the little red gash. I suppose the injury could have happened in a more obvious part of the face.

As soon as I made sure the injury was minor enough, I dabbed the blood from his head and just kind of laughed to myself. Because it figures. And I’m well aware that mine is not the first kid to get his picture taken with some manner of contusion present in the shot, he won’t be the last, and I’d even wager that it happens to M again in the future.

We had a great morning otherwise, though. After portraits, we stopped at my old bookstore just in time for Storytime. M got to color and run around a little bit, and I actually encountered a couple of my former coworkers and chatted for a bit.

One thought on “Flash Blood

  1. Terri says:

    I thought I saw a dark spot by his eye!! I just thought it was his long eyelash!! LOL The pictures really are adorable!

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