The F-Words

I miss my friends when they are not around. I have made some around here, but I miss them when I don’t see them often. Because it’s summer. And no one is around in the summer. And I’ve been busy, too. So that’s how it goes.

But on Sunday I got a surprise phone call from Michelle telling me that she and Sean were in the area. Not super close, but close enough to maybe get together on Monday morning or afternoon. I leaped at the opportunity to see them, of course. Because fortunately for us all, it was a day that I was home with M. It was a shame that my super husband couldn’t join in on the reunion, but lately one of us is always at work on any given day or evening, so there really wasn’t much we could do about it.

We hung out a little at my place, and then we went out for lunch. We talked mainly of our own lives and recent developments therein. Michelle was sporting a daring new haircut. It was great to see them. And I really wish it didn’t have to be so infrequent an occurrence. We’ve all been living a lot of life since high school, when we used to be each others’ worlds. It’s amazing and occasionally bittersweet to see how our stories have been turning out.

A lot of friends, I catch mostly online. It’s fun when we get to talk on the phone, but their lives are also changing. Some are off getting married, honeymooning. Others are mired in the gooey thickness of new parenthood. We’re at different places, we’re all becoming different people. Sometimes it’s hard to reach across the gaps. Sometimes it’s not at all.

Tomorrow, I get to go to my La Leche League meeting. I didn’t go last month because I was working. I still have to work my usual Thursday shift tomorrow, but I worked it out so that it could be later than usual just for this week. Just for this thing. Not having a social outlet through a place like work or school these days, the breastfeeding support group is a group in which I have grown comfortable. The meeting itself feels like a social occasion, and our kids can run around while we connect and catch up.

I’m also looking forward to when my weekly moms’ group starts meeting weekly again. I’ve seen the other moms a couple of times this summer, but it hasn’t been easy to arrange. They’re another couple people I’ve managed to grow fond of since M was an infant.

There are others I think about often, but don’t contact nearly enough. I try. But the older I get, the more people there are on that list, which doesn’t make it easy.

My sister’s bachellorette party was this last weekend. And my mom and sister-in-law got to go to Minnesota to participate. It sounds like they had a lot of fun, even without any mostly-nude men bouncing their bits about. I often wish I lived closer to family for reasons like this. I couldn’t make it to my sister’s party, or my childhood friend’s wedding this August.

But I’m looking forward to Angela’s wedding more than I can even say. Again, it’s rather bittersweet, since my little sister’s becoming a Mrs., but in some ways, she’s actually been more mature than me this whole time. And here I am with a husband and kid and a condo in the suburbs of our nation’s capitol.

And speaking of that, I love my little family. We aren’t able to spend a whole lot of time together all three of us, but when we do, it’s the best. The other night, James and I were chasing M around the house, and it was giggles all around.


One thought on “The F-Words

  1. Terri says:

    And I am looking forward to you coming home!! I can’t wait to see you and to experience M’s grownth! We will be able to have a bit of fun and relaxation before all of the wedding festivities! And then—lots more fun!! LU

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