On Not Writing

I was working on something about weekends. Then I got distracted and couldn’t quite find my way back into it. I’ve been hitting the library and the department stores with the boy. He’s mostly good company, but looking for and trying on dresses is not the ideal setting for the rambunctious toddler type. It involves a lot of frantic scanning of the racks while chasing after a little monkey who has escaped his stroller seat. Yanking something down that looks stylish and hoping it’s the right size.

I have been working a lot. But I have also been spending some good times with my boy. We play outside. We run errands together. He says “hi” to people and immediately points to me and says “Mommy,” like he’s introducing me to his new friends, but also the way he beams it from his face just shows how proud of me he is. Which is awesome, so I had to mention it. It makes me proud.

I’m glad that I have to do this dress shopping, though, because I’ve been chosen to be a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding. I have never been a bridesmaid before, and I probably never will be again, so I’m grateful to participate in that capacity for her, even though it’s mostly just a title at this point. It’s still super awesome.

We’ve been ramping up the potty learning now that M is creeping up on two. So my days have involved a lot of time in the bathroom lately. Most of the time, nothing happens, but we’re working on it with some help from a little red Muppet. I never really wanted my kid(s) to have a huge involvement with the television in general and certain characters that I formerly found extremely annoying, Elmo being among them. But something about that little guy really grabs those toddlers and holds them tightly. Now that Elmo is part of our lives, the entire dynamic of the household has changed.  Elmo is a bargaining chip and an additional example to be followed, much like an authority figure. Elmo goes poopoo on the potty, so M should too. If that screaming keeps up, we’re not going to watch Elmo. If M is nice, maybe we can visit Elmo on the computer.

So, I have grudgingly come to accept and even enjoy Elmo’s presence here, and I almost feel bad about being so prejudiced against him back in my childless and naive youth. One thing I really do admire about the Muppets is how they manage to appeal to both kids and adults. Or maybe I’m just a big kid at heart still, and my love for the Muppets has already penetrated deeply into my very soul and there’s just no room for exceptions to that rule.

So in conclusion, I should probably make the effort to write here a little more often again, since when I don’t for awhile, I just kind of vomit a bunch of random stuff without any real intention or structure or anything. A post that is nonsense in many senses of the word, but if I don’t break the silence with something like this, then I’ll end up putting even more pressure on myself the more time passes without my posting anything meaningful or significant.

The original point of starting this whole blog thing way back when, of course, was to write often, even if it wasn’t great writing. The practice and the production is what makes us writers better. So that’s something I’m going to try to do. Or do not. Wait, there is no try. So I’ll do it then. Write more. Eventually better. Amen.


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