Four Years

On Wednesday, James and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary by working opposite shifts. We didn’t see much of each other, but we exchanged sweet greeting cards and looked forward to a date on Friday.

It’s not an easy time in our lives. Which means that the marriage thing takes a bit of extra effort, too. But we’re in it together. Fighting our way back into the black, and it actually looks like we might even be making some headway. In the meantime, we were able to take an afternoon for the two of us, thanks to a friend coming over with her daughter to play with our boy for awhile. And we caught a movie and lunch. We even had the opportunity to talk to each other for awhile.

The extra working has been hard on us both. But when we do actually exchange a few words here and there, I’ve been feeling the value there a little more than I used to. The quality is still good, even if the quantity has lessened. Just another one of those reasons I love that guy. One of those reasons I married him.

Happy anniversary, James. There’s no one I’d rather have fighting by my side.


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