Every Time

I started up my monthly reflections about my son. I began my usual raves about how fun and fabulous he is. How amazed I am. How awed. How enamored. But then nap time was over and I had to pause, intending to complete the post after he was asleep for the night.

But then he went and took an hour and a half to fall asleep. He screamed. He seemed to know I had things to do. Like eat my own dinner. And write nice things about him. There wasn’t anything wrong. He was just being a little jerk. Or a toddler. Take your pick.

So I’m pausing for the rest of the night. Sorry, Mom, the 20-month blog will have to wait.

But to tide you over, there are some new pictures up at Flickr:



One thought on “Every Time

  1. mom says:

    Thanks for the preview! You are awesome! I Love the new pics! AND I can’t wait until you have the time to finish the blog 🙂 LU

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