Letters to Everything: One-Sentence Edition

Dear Battlestar Galactica:

Are you the matrix?

Some nerd

Dear Angela,

Thanks for the new coffee maker, which was free for me using your Christmas gift from Kohls where, oddly enough, it wasn’t even on sale.

Your caffeinated sister

Dear  Lay’s Kettle Cooked Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips:

I don’t know how you got to be so awesome, but don’t ever stop.


Dear Twenty-One,

I forgive you.


Dear Borders:

Thanks for the coupon that has allowed me to expand our daily tunage beyond Philadelphia Chickens on repeat.

Dancing Mommy

Dear Muse,

If I promise to focus more on our relationship, will you please return my calls?

Faithfully yours,
Lapsed Poet

Dear KitchenAid:

Because of you, I feel that any credit I take for my homemade baked goods is highly undeserved.

The One Who Still Eats the Batter Even Though Everyone Else is Scared of Raw Eggs These Days

Dear Face,

I’ve always tried to treat you well, but I’m so fed up with your constant gifts of the red and painful variety that I’m not sure what I might be driven to do to you next… so watch it.

Too Old for This Crap

Dear Son,

Are you really 17 months old tomorrow?

Loving It

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