And the Hits Just Keep on Coming


James was driving to work. It had to be towed. The insurance company’s coming by the car shop on Wednesday to assess the damage. We’ll be out either the full deductible or the price of a new (used) car entirely, and who knows how much our premiums are going to go up.

The bright side:

  • No one was hurt, thank God.
  • Our insurance is good, and we get a rental.
  • It’s a pretty nice day today, so James didn’t have to stand out in the cold or snow waiting for the cops, then tow truck.
  • The cop wasn’t a dick, and the ticket that was written will probably get reduced to nothing in court.
  • It could have been so much worse.

Unfortunately, it’s another two steps back for the last step forward we’ve taken in paying off our debt. And this comes just a few days after finding out that James’ pay is about to be temporarily reduced.

I’ll be picking up an extra shift a week for the next few weeks when I can, reducing expenses even more and trying to find other ways to bring home a little more bacon so that we can at least continue to break even every month instead of heading further back into the red.

I’m trying to be positive, here, thinking that this recent bad luck is just to make sure we appreciate the good things that are bound to be coming soon. Because we are okay. And we will be just fine.

Edited to add: Looks like we’re in the market for a new car. And this one was so close to being entirely paid off, too.


One thought on “And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

  1. Dana says:

    Oh sweetie I’m so sorry! I’m glad everyone is ok but what a huge bummer.

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