Below Zero

On Wednesday we got on one of Midwest Airlines’ contracted tiny planes and flew north. I miss the old Midwest Express now more than ever. Though they were among the last to do it, they are now charging extra for checked luggage. The “luxurious leather seating” is half the size in the new planes and the leg room leaves me feeling glad that I’m only 5’7″. They don’t even offer the little bags of four pretzels anymore, though there is still a limited selection of beverages and snacks/meals you can pay out the ass for. The one bright spot: they have not yet cut out the cookies. So at least we got some warm chocolaty-chippy goodness to help ease us through the transition to our beloved Midwest becoming just another crappy coach bus in the sky.

Anyway, we were a little concerned in the morning because there were several flights that were grounded from taking off out of places like Mitchell airport and O’Hare. Because it was cold. Too cold to get a plane up in the air. We got lucky, though, because it wasn’t too cold to land. And so our flight was on time, and Mom was waiting for us at security.

We stopped over at the in-laws for snacks and beverages, and then we all went out to dinner. M had a grandma on each side of him and easy access to multiple plates of food and spoons coming at him from all angles. The boy was in heaven. When we got back to my parents’ place, he went right to sleep and barely made a peep all night, which surprised this mommy, especially since being away from home that first night always disrupts my sleep.

Yesterday was more of a “go with the flow” kind of day. We had the highest aspirations to get a few errands done, but instead, we hit Kopp’s to bring burgers and custard back to Mother-in-law so she could see M for a little bit, since we’re not staying with them until next week. And after that, we got back to my folks’ trying to hold off the napping in the car so M might actually nap once we got back, but then he didn’t.

So he ran around with his grandma while James and I dozed on the couch instead.

This is the way things go around here. We eat, we nap, we eat again. We go places. We see people. It’s nice to have family time, but it’s kind of crazy how fast these few days have already flown by.


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